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Spravato® Treatment
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Getting help for depression is hard, even when it's going well. It can be especially frustrating when nothing has seemed to help improve your mood. For adults who have Treatment-Resistant Depression and with Major Depressive Disorder who have acute suicidal ideation or behavior, we're happy to offer Spravato® (esketamine).

Spravato® is a nasal spray that can be taken with an oral antidepressant and is self-administered with observation to help provide quick relief from depressive symptoms. This ground-breaking medication can only be administered at approved clinics, and CPC is proud to offer this important help to adults who have tried and not had success with at least two anti-depressants. Spravato® is even covered by insurance! Watch these helpful videos to learn more about Spravato®.

Experts Answer Top 9 Questions About Spravato®
Nicole's Story
Allison's Story
What To Expect During Your Spravato® Treatment
You can visit for more information about Spravato® or we're happy to help answer questions you may have about whether Spravato® is right for you or a loved one. Use the button below to schedule your consultation with Melissa Bell, APRN.
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