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For Providers

We appreciate so much your consideration of referring your patients or clients to us. We love the opportunity to serve clients' needs alongside the other professionals they're working with and look forward to collaborating with you towards your patients' highest level of well-being. Below, you'll learn the most streamlined ways to get your patients engaged in mental health services with CPC. We want you to also feel free to reach out with any questions or to customize a referral process that would work even more efficiently for your office by contacting our Referral Liaison, Lena Priest, at (501) 358-7606 or

To make a provider-to-provider referral, use the button below.

Other ways to refer are by:

  • Faxing your office's referral form and/or documents (patient's face sheet and note from referral service) to our secure fax number: (501) 358-4932.           

  • Contacting us directly by phone at (501) 450-6350 or via e-mail at

Once a referral is made:

Once we receive your referral contact information, we'll attempt up to three times to contact the client within five business days with the initial attempt to be made within two business days of the receiving your referral. At the end of these five business days, we'll be sure to let you know if our attempts to contact the referral were successful, and, if so, the details of their initial appointment with us.

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