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Grief and Loss Therapy

Grief is never easy. It takes a multitude of shapes and
is experienced differently by each person…even those
in the same family or community impacted by the same loss. CPC's Sarah Whisenhunt is Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying, and Bereavement, meaning she has the highest level of training to help anyone struggling with matters of grief and loss.


We'll walk with you through the daily challenges of grief by providing a safe place where you and your family can find support, biblical guidance, and the most highly effective treatments for divorce, loss of a parent, child, or spouse, pet loss, loss of a family member or friend, miscarriage, and traumatic death. Support is also available for secondary losses as well, such as loss of a job, loss of opportunity, loss of a limb, loss of autonomy, loss of a dream, advanced serious illnesses, and end of life care.


Some grief is even disenfranchised because it’s considered "taboo" or not "real grief" by society. Children are often considered forgotten grievers and many times aren’t appropriately educated about death and loss in an attempt to shelter them. We’ll enter these difficult spaces with you to find hope after tragedy. Examples of disenfranchised grief include rape/sexual assault, loss of a dating relationship/LGBTQ relationship, suicide, children’s grief, miscarriage, and post abortion.


When requesting your appointment, please note for us that you're in need of grief and loss therapy.

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