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Consultation, Collaboration, and Trainings

Churches, ministries, businesses, and other groups can find it hard at times to be as healthy and effective as they want to be without outside help. At CPC we love to partner with groups like these to provide mental health support for their goals and culture. This support is able to be completely customized to the needs of the group as well and in the past has included:

  • consulting and debriefing with public school staff on the challenges of their work

  • providing counseling for members of churches that is subsidized and coordinated by the church

  • providing both Employee Assistance Counseling and Wellness Counseling for corporation employees

  • training teams on topics like:

    • suicide risk assessment​

    • self-care and stress management

    • working with intellectually disabled individuals

    • classroom management

    • appropriate teacher-student boundaries

    • team cohesion and mission

    • parenting coordination for high-conflict divorcees

Our team is also able to consult with individuals such as attorneys, pastors, executives, and entrepreneurs to help them understand their work and its challenges from a mental health perspective.

Use the button below to get in touch with us about questions or ideas you have for how we can help your team and/or work through these services!

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