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Cost-Conscious Treatment

We understand that the cost of therapy can be difficult to sustain, especially since the nature of therapy is that it is a series of services rather than a single service. Also, some may not have the assistance of insurance available to them. If the out-of-pocket cost of therapy would prevent you from having help for yourself or loved one, we’re pleased to be able to offer three lower-cost options:

  • Intern Services (as available)

We're proud to partner with mental health clinician training programs like John Brown University and Liberty University to provide valuable learning experiences for student therapists as well as low-cost treatment for clients needing very inexpensive services ($20). Interns have completed many classes already towards the completion of their degree and are beginning to put their skills to use under the supervision of both a faculty supervisor at their school and a site supervisor at CPC. are supervised by both a faculty supervisor at their school and a site supervisor at CPC. Click here to learn more about him on our team page.

  • Provisionally-Licensed Clinicians (as available)

Those of our staff who are Licensed Associate Counselors are able to provide services based on the rate of $85 per hour instead of the standard out-of-pocket rate of $130 per hour. While they have completed their education and are as equipped as our other staff therapists to provide therapy services, the counseling licensing board requires that all counselors be supervised for the first several years of their practice. As such, they aren't yet able to provide insurance-reimbursable services and, instead, can provide services at a discounted out-of-pocket rate.​​​

  • Sliding Fee Scale

Select clinicians offer a limited number of sliding fee scale to qualified clients who are uninsured, under-insured, or otherwise unable to afford counseling services. In order to qualify, you will need to provide information proving your household income (i.e., income tax return, paycheck stub, disability or social security check stub). By calculating factors like household net income (measured against the Federal Poverty Guidelines) and family size, we’re able to ensure that your counseling fee is matched with your need rather than being an arbitrary classification.

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